Career Portals

Outline of Course TEKS
Understanding Yourself
Understanding Yourself 2(B)
Labor Market Information
Market information; employment trends 6(A)(B)(C)
Overview of Careers
Career clusters 1(A)
Pathway to a Career
FREE! - Pathways and career requirements 1(B); 2(A)(C)(D)(E)
Learning Opportunities
In- and out-of-school learning experiences 4(A)(B)(D)
Professional associations and volunteerism 4(E)(G)
Programs of Study
Education needed for careers 3(A)(B); 4(A)
Personal program of study 3(C); 4(C)
Find a job 7(A)
Get hired 7(B)(C); 8(A)(B)(C)(D)
Success at Work
Working with others 4(F)(H)
Personal Financial Planning
Personal banking 5(A)(B)(C)(D)
Consumer credit 5(E)(F)(G)(H)


  • Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Von McClung, FCS teacher