Career Preparation I and Career Preparation II

Outline of Course Career Prep I TEKS Career Prep II TEKS
Finding Employment
Completing job search documents 1(B)(C)(D)(F) 1(A)(B) 10(F)
Locating employment opportunities 1(A) 2(I) 10(F)
Interviewing for jobs 1(E) 1(D)
Employability Skills
Grooming and personal appearance 2(A) 2(A)
Attitude, work habits, and etiquette 2(B)(D)(E) 3(C) 2(C)(D) 3(D)(E)
Time management, organization, and accuracy 2(G) 2(F)
Workplace diversity 2(C) 3(D) 2(B) 3(C)
Teamwork and leadership 2(F) 3(B) 6(A)(B) 3(B) 7(A)(B)
Professional communications 3(E)(F) 4(D) 1(C) 3(F) 4(D)(E)(F)
Customer service 6(A) 7(A)
Academic skills 4(A)(C) 4(A)(B)(C)
Workplace Safety and Health
Safety in the workplace 7(A)(B)(C)(D) 2(E) 8(A)(B)(C)(D)
Health and wellness related to job performance 2(H) 7(E) 8(E)
Ethical and Legal Responsibilities
Ethical standards and practices 3(A)(G) 5(B) 2(D) 3(A)(G)
Laws, policies, and procedures 3(H) 5(A)(C)(D)(E) 8(E) 2(E) 3(H) 5(A)(B)(C) 9(G)
Personal Money Management
Understanding your paycheck, taxes, and social security 8(F) 9(A) 9(H) 10(A)
FREE! - Understanding benefits 9(A) 10(A)
Budgeting and money management techniques 4(B)(C) 8(F) 4(C) 9(H)
Understanding credit 8(F) 9(H)
Identity theft    6(A)(B)
Career Exploration and Planning
Career options, outlook, and training 8(A)(C)(D) 9(A)(B)(C)(D)
Entrepreneurial opportunities 8(B) 9(C)


  • Heather Blount, Curriculum Specialist, The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Stephanie Cantrell, FCS Teacher