AAFCS Pre-PAC Correlation - Early Childhood Education

Child Guidance

Outline of Course TEKS
Roles and Responsibilities of Caregivers
The effects of caregivers on child development 1(A)
The impact of a changing society on the family 1(F)
Resources for managing adult roles in child care 1(G)
Legal rights and responsibilities of parenting 1(H)
Relationship skills 1(I)
Child Care Options
Codes of conduct and positive role modeling 1(B)
Legal responsibilities and laws related to caring for children 1(E)
Selecting child care 2(A)(B)(C)(D)
Child Growth and Development
Promoting child development 1(C)
Promoting child development with play 4(A)(B)(C)
Promoting child development with technology, media, and resources 4(D)
Child Health and Wellness
Signs of health and illness in children 3(A)
Practices that promote child wellness 3(B)
Childhood nutrition 3(D)
Health care resources for children 3(E)
Child Safety
Safe environment for children 3(C); 4(C)
Safeguards for using technology and media 4(E)
Child Guidance
Types and effects of child guidance 5(A)(B)
Family Crisis
FREE! - Causes and symptoms of children in crisis 3(F); 5(C)
Prevention of family violence 1(J); 3(G); 5(D)
Careers Related to Early Childhood Development
Interests, aptitudes, and abilities; communication skills; employment and entrepreneurial opportunities; educational requirements 6(C) (E) (G)
Impact of career decisions on child care giving; long- and short-term career goals 6(A) (B)
Team and leadership skills; communication skills 1(D);6(D) (E) (F)


  • Amy Lee, FCS teacher
  • Jennifer Slaughter, FCS teacher
  • Yoli Chapa, FCS teacher
  • Deborah Rice, FCS teacher
  • Anna Bryan, FCS teacher
  • Patti Rambo, Director, Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Heather Blount, Curriculum Specialist, Curriculum Center for FCS