Counseling and Mental Health

Outline of Course TEKS
Guidelines and stigma 1(C); 4(A)
Overview, prevelance, and history 1(C)(F)
Careers in counseling and mental health 3(A); 4(C)
Consequences of career decisions 3(C)
Ethics and the Law
Ethics and professionalism 4(A)(B); 6(A)
Law 4(B)(D)(E)(F)(G)
Brain and Nervous System
The brain and nervous system 1(B)
Mental health
Mental health and wellness across the lifespan 1(D)(E)
Healthy communication 1(A); 2(A)(B)(C); 3(D)
Good practices for mental health 1(E)
Theories and Treatments
Theories 1(E); 3(E)
Treatments 3(A)(B)(E)(F)
Mental Disorders
Overview, classification, assessment, diagnosis, epidemiology, and etiology 1(H)
Disorders that start in childhood 1(E)(H)
Specific disorders 1(H)
FREE! - Substance-related disorders 1(G)(H)
Technology & Information Services
Technology & IS 6(A)(B)(C)
Domestic and dating violence, child abuse, suicide 5(A)(B)(C)(D)


  • Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Jamie Bauerle, FCS Teacher