AAFCS Pre-PAC Correlation - Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

Outline of Course TEKS
Famous chefs and entrepreneurs 6(A)(C)
Current trends 6(D)
Teamwork; team-building skills, and community leadership 8(A)(C)(D) 5(E)
Decision making skills and problem solving skills; self-responsibility; personal values and principles 3(A)(B); 4(B); 8(B)
Appearance and personal hygiene; exercise and nutrition factors that impact job performance 3(D)(E)
Communications 2(A)(B)(C)(D)
Managing time and energy 4(A)
Professional Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
Laws and regulations in the food service industry 10(A)
Work ethic 10(B)
FREE! - Workplace conditions and safety 9(A)(B)
Food safety, sanitation, and certification 9(C)(D);(E)
Proper Use and Care of Commercial Equipment
Proper use, care and maintenance of small and large equipment in a commercial kitchen 1(B); 6(E)(K)
Food Production and Presentation Skills
Basics of nutrition 11(A)
Scientific principles in culinary arts 1(D)
Recipes 1(A)(B)(E)(F)
Portion control 1(G)(E); 6(D); 11(A)
Food cost control 1(C)(G)
Baking techniques 6(I)
Preparation skills utilized in food service operations 6(G)(H)
Presentation techniques 6(F)
Global Cuisine
Global cultures, food traditions, international cuisine 6(B); 11(F)
Culinary Operations
Marketing plans 1(A) ; 11(C)
Purchasing specifications and purchase orders 1(A) ; 11(D)
Receiving, storage and distribution techniques 1(A)(B); 6(J); 11(E)
Customer Service and Brand Marketing
Customer service; employee influence on customer attitude; selling service; positive attitudes and work habits; appearance 1(A); 3(C)(D); 11(B)(G)(H)
Dining 1(B); 6(L)
Technology and Computer Applications
Technology in the kitchen; Point of sales systems 7(A)(B)(C)(D)(E); 2(A)
Culinary Careers, Goals, and Opportunities
Industry positions; career goals 1(A); 2(A); 5(A)(B); 7(E); 9(E)
Balancing work and family 4(A)(B)(C)
Interviewing skills; written application; selling yourself; portfolios 1(A); 2(A); 3(D); 5(B)(C)


  • Hope Herrington, FCS teacher
  • Wendy McCuiston, FCS teacher
  • Carolyn Montgomery, FCS teacher
  • Peggy Caruso, FCS teacher
  • Benita Campos, FCS teacher
  • Tim Kelly, FCS teacher
  • Patti Rambo, Director, Curriculum Center for FCS