AAFCS Pre-PAC Correlation - Personal and Family Finance

Dollars and Sense

Outline of Course TEKS
Importance of Financial Planning
Importance of financial planning 2(A)
Management of Resources
Effective management and decision-making skills 1(B)
Management of time, energy, and money 1(A)(B)(C)
Setting goals 2(A); 1(C)
Financial Scorecard
FREE! - Time value of money 2(C)(D)(L)
Financial statements 2(A)(C)(D)(L)
Government’s role in personal finance 2(L); 5(B)
Consequences of Economic Decisions
Consequence of career choice 1(D); 6 (B)
Expenditures 1(D)
Impact of media and technology on consumer decisions 1(E)
Economic rights of the consumer 1(A); 5(A)
Cash management 2(D)(F)(G)(H)
Be a low-risk borrower 2(B)
Cost of credit 2(B)(C)
Specific types of debt 2(B)(C)
Credit Problems and Bankruptcy 2(I)
Big-Ticket Purchases
Big purchases 1(D)
Housing 3(A)(B)(C)
Investment basics 2(E)
Financial markets and institutions 2(E)
Types of investments 2(E)
Investment portfolio 2(E)
Protecting Your Wealth
Insurance 2(J)
Important documents and records 2(K)
Retirement 2(D)
The environment and family and consumer resources 4(A)(B)(C)(D)
Careers in consumer, family, and community services 6(A)(B)(C)(D)


  • Iva Beck, FCS teacher
  • Marianna Graves, FCS teacher
  • Donna Stone, FCS teacher
  • Deena Katz, CFP, Associate Professor, Texas Tech University
  • Nathan Harness, CFP, Assistant Professor, TAMU Commerce
  • Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, Curriculum Center for FCS