Exploring Careers

Outline of Course TEKS
Self Awareness
Identify strengths 1(A)
Exploring Careers
Career clusters 1(B)(C)(D); 2(B); 8(B)
Impact of career choice on personal lifestyle 1(F)
Pathways to careers 1(E); 2(C)(D)(E)
Value of Education
Portfolio development 2(A); 4(E)
High school choices 3(A)(B)(E); 4(C)
FREE! - Planning for college 1(G); 3(C)(D)(F); 4(C)
Basic Skills
Life Skills 4(A)(B)(C)(F); 2(B)
Goal setting and time management 4(D)
Healthy Living 7(D)
World of Work
Getting a job 8(B); 4(F)
Employer expectations 7(A)(B)(C)(E)(F)
Modeling workplace basics 8(A)
Personal Finance and Budget
Financial consequences of decisions 5(B)(C)
Budget 5(A)
Banking and cash management 6(A)(B)(C)(D)


  • Tina Hartmann
  • Patty Alejandro
  • Helen Zenner
  • Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, Curriculum Center for FCS