AAFCS Pre-PAC Correlation - Family and Community Services

Family and Community Services

Outline of Course TEKS
Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
Leadership 2(B,C)
Communication 4(C,D); 5(B)
Interpersonal Skills 2(A,D,E); 3(I,J); 4(D)
Ethical Practices 4(F)
Presentation Skills 2(F); 4(C,J)
Careers in Family Service
FREE! - Future Trends 1(A,C); 3(I,J); 4(H)
Employment and Entrepreneurial Opportunities 1(B); 3(I,J); 4(B, G-I)
Family Services, Organizations, Agencies 1(A,C)
Employability Sklls
Grooming and Personal Appearance 4(E)
Interests, Abilities 4(A)
Management Practices 2(A); 4(B)
Meaningful and Relevant Service
Socialization 5(A,C)
Planning and Implementing Significant Service Learning 1(D); 2(F); 3(A-H); 5(A);
Safety During Volunteer and Service-Learning Activities 3(F)
Reflection 3(I,J); 5(A)