AAFCS Pre-PAC Correlation - Education Fundamentals

Instructional Practices/Practicum in Education and Training

Outline of Course TEKS-Instructional Practices TEKS-Practicum
The Teaching and Training Profession
Introduction to Field-Based Internship Course and Portfolio 10(A)(B) 10(A)(B), 11(A)
Historical Foundations of Education in the United States 1(A)  
Effective Teachers Knowledge, Skills, Personal Characteristics 1(B)(C) 1(A)
Ethical Conduct for Teachers 9 (A)(B)(C)(D)  
Effective Schools 1(D) 1(B)
Education and Training Career Options 1(E) 1(D)
Personal Philosophy of Education   1(C)
Communicating Effectively
Verbal, Non-Verbal, Written, and Electronic Communication Skills 3(A)(B)(D); 10(A)(B) 3(A)(B)(D); 10(A)(B)
Promoting Student Literacy and Learning 3(C) 3(C)
Learner and Learning Process
Principles and Theories of Human Development 2(A) 2(A); 10(A)(B)
The Learning Process 2(B)(C); 10(A)(B) 2(B)(C); 10(A)(B)
FREE! - Effective Instructional Practices and Learner Differences 2(D) 2(D); 10(A)(B)
An Effective Learning Environment
Safe and Effective Learning Environments 5(A)(B); 10(A)(B) 5(A)(B); 10(A)(B)
Classroom Management and Conflict Management & Mediation Techniques 5(C)(D) 5(C)(D); 10(A)(B)
Effective Instruction
Curriculum & Subject Matter 4(A)(B) 4(B); 10(A)(B)
Instructional Planning 4(C)(D)(F); 10(A)(B) 4(A)(C); 10(A)(B)
Effective Insructional Objectives and Strategies 2(D); 4(E)(F); 10(A)(B) 2(D); 4(B)(D)(E)(F); 10(A)(B)
Technology in Teaching
Role of Technology 8(A)  
Application of Appropriate Technology 8(B)(C); 10(A)(B) 8(A)(B); 10(A)(B)
Assessing Teaching and Learning
Role and Process of Assessment 6(A)(B)  
Assessments to Foster Student Learning 4(A), 6(C), 8(C) 6(A); 8(B); 10(A)(B)
Assessments to Promote Personal Improvement   6(B); 10(A)(B)
School and Society
Relationship Between School and Society 7(A)  
Supporting Learning Through Advocacy   7(A)
Building Family and Community Support 3(B); 7(C); 10(A)(B) 3(B); 7(C); 10(A)(B)
Educator Professional Development
Ongoing Professional Development 7(B) 7(B); 9(A)(B)
Role of Research and Assessment   6(B); 9(C); 10(A)(B)
Professional Growth Plan   9(D)
Documenting Success
Personal Career Plan   1(D)
Professional Portfolio and Presentation   3(D); 11(A)(B)


  • Marilyn Wragg, Director (retired), The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences