Interpersonal Studies

Outline of Course TEKS
Personal Development
FREE! - Factors affecting personal development 1 (A)
Influence of the family on personal development 1 (B)
Strategies to promote physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development 1 (C)
Decision-making process 2 (A-C)
Family Role in Relationship Development
Development of relationships and family’s role in developing healthy relationships 4 (A-B)
Effects of cultural patterns on family relationships 4 (C)
Relationships Outside the Family
Promoting positive friendships 5 (A)
Influence of peers 5 (B-C)
Promotion and appreciation of diversity 5 (D)
Transition to Independent Adulthood
Adjustments to and responsibilities of an independent adult 3 (A-B)
Functions and roles of dating 6 (A)
Successful marriage 6 (B-C)
Family Unit and Life Cycle
Family structures 7 (A-C)
Effects of trends and technology on the individual and family 7 (D, F); 8 (D-E)
Resource and financial management to meet individual and family needs 7 (E); 8 (C)
Effect of the family on the community and society 7 (G)
Stages, roles, and responsibilities of the family life cycle 8 (A-B)
Family Needs, Stresses, and Crises
Factors contributing to stress and its impact on individuals and relationships 10 (A-D)
Families in crisis 9 (A-D)
Career Options and Family Life
Impact of career choice on family life 13 (A-D)
Employability Skills
Communication, leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution, negotiation, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills 12 (A-C, E)
Ethical practices in the workplace 12 (D)
Careers in Counseling and Mental Health Services
Effect of personal interests, abilities, goals, and priorities on career choice 11 (B-C)
Preparation for careers in counseling and mental health services 11 (A)


  • Kortnee Lamarre, FCS teacher
  • Janet Rodriguez FCS teacher
  • Jackie Reyes, FCS teacher
  • Margaret Pruitt, FCS teacher
  • Trisha Hays, FCS teacher
  • Heather Blount, Curriculum Specialist, Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, Curriculum Center for FCS