AAFCS Pre-PAC Correlation - Nutrition, Food and Wellness; Culinary Arts

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness

Outline of Course TEKS
Effective Work Habits
Teamwork, time management, and problem solving 6(A) (B) (C)
General Nutrition Principles
Nutrients 1(A)
Effects of nutrition 1(B)
Dietary guidelines 1(C) (D)
Food Safety and Sanitation
Food and equipment 4(A)
FREE! - Food-borne illnesses 4(B)
Hygiene 4(C)
Food Management Principles
Recipes and measurements 5(A) (B)
Preparation techniques 5(C) (E)
Purchasing and storage strategies 5(D) (G)
Table service, food presentation, and etiquette 5(F)
Digestion and Metabolism
Process of digestion and metabolism 2(A) (B)
Physical activity and fitness 2(C) (E)
Lifetime Effects of Nutrition and Wellness
Effects of food choices 3(A)
Nutrition Related Health Risks 3(B) (C ) (D) (F) (G)
Nutritional needs for life cycle and lifestyle 3(D) (E)
Food Advertising 3(F)
Nutrition content and portion sizes 3(I) (J) (K)
Community nutrition and wellness services and agencies 2(D); 3(H)
Careers in Nutrition
Training and education, goals, and entrepreneurial opportunities 7(A) (B) (C)


  • Donna Corder, FCS teacher
  • Nancy Nanny, FCS teacher
  • Trisha Hays, FCS teacher
  • Patti Rambo, Director, Curriculum Center for FCS