Practicum in Human Services

Outline of Course TEKS
Locating Employment
Training, education, and certification 1 (A); 9 (A i-ii)
Locating employment opportunities 1 (A, E); 4 (A)
Career portfolio 1 (B, C); 9 (A iii, v-viii; B)
Interviewing for jobs 1 (D)
Entrepreneurship 1 (A)
Student and professional organizations 1 (F); 9 (A iv)
Employability Skills
Time management, organization, and accuracy 4 (B); 6 (C)
Leadership and teamwork 6 (A)
Professional communications 2 (A-B); 3 (E)
Positive work behaviors 6 (B)
Client Services
FREE! - Interactions 2 (C); 8 (C)
Resources 2 (E-G); 8 (C-D)
Management of clients 2 (D-E); 3 (A-D, F); 8 (A-B)
Safety and Work Environment
Effective client environments 5 (A-C)
Safety and emergency procedures 5 (D-E)
Ethical and Legal Responsibilities
Ethical behaviors 7 (A-B)
Laws and regulations 4 (C); 7 (C)


  • Cari Collins, Curriculum Specialist, The Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Patti Rambo, Director, The Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Derrick Pedersen, IT Specialist, The Curriculum Center for FCS

Thanks to

  • Altah Swindle, Editor
  • Texas Tech University professors of Personal Financial Planning for providing counsel when writing strategies and teaching aids for consumer services sections.
    • Vickie Hampton, Ph.D., CFP®, Department Chairperson
    • Harold Evensky, CFP®, Professor of Practice