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Course Outlines:

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism

Outline of Course


Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

Industry segments, history, and economic impact



Career portfolio


Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

Career areas, career outlook, goals, and professional associations

5 (A)(B)

Skills Needed in Hospitality and Tourism

The Skills needed in Hospitality and Tourism section may be addressed now, at the end of the course, or interspersed throughout the course

Self responsibility and self management; work independently

1(A); 3(A); 4(D); 5(A)

Personal values and principles


Attitude, work habits, and appearance

3(C); 11(B)

Time management, organization, and accuracy

1(E); 3(D); 4(A)

Decision making, problem solving

4(C); 7(B)

Leading a balanced life


Leadership and team building

2(B); 7(A)(D)

Communication and customer service

11(A)(B); 2(A)(B)

Travel and Tourism

FREE Methods of travel

10(A)(B); 11(C)

Travel safety


Travel and tourism

1(C)(D); 2(A); 6(A); 10(A)(B)(D); 11(C)


Types; duties and responsibilities of lodging

9(A)(B); 10(A); 6(A)(B)

Food and Beverage

Types; duties and responsibilities of food and beverage

6(A)(B); 9(A)(B); 10(A)(C); 11(D)

Recreation, Amusement, and Attraction

Types; duties and responsibilities of recreation, amusement, and attraction

5(C); 6(A)(B); 7(E); 9(A)(B); 10(A)

Safety in Hospitality and Tourism

Safety and sanitation

1(E); 8(A)(B)(C)

The Business of Hospitality and Tourism  

Management, human resources, marketing, accounting, legal, sustainability

6(C); 7(C); 9(A)(B); 8(D)


  • Debbie Wieland, FCS teacher
  • Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences