Principles of Human Services

Outline of Course TEKS
Personal Characteristics for Success
Decision-making process 1(A)
Charteristics of Maturity 1(A)
Long-term and short-term goals 1(B)
Management 1(C)
Types of conflict and negotiation 1(D)
Effects of wellness 1(F) (G)
Grooming habits and effects 1(E) (H)
Factors that affect clothing choices 1(I)
Introduction to CTSOs 1(J)
Researching jobs of personal interest 2(E); 2(F); 3(G);3(H); 4(E);4(F); 5(E);5(I); 6(E); 6(F)
Consumer Services
Basics of budgeting 2(A)
FREE! - Impact of technology on consumers 2(B)
Making shopping decisions 2(C)(D)
Consumer rights and responsibilities 2(C)
Counseling and Mental Health
Types of crises 3(A) (C) (D)
Effective management of multiple roles 3(B)
Domestic violence 3(F)
Early Childhood Development
Basic needs of children 4(A)
Responsible caregiving 4(B)
Developmentally appropriate guidance techniques and parenting styles 4(C)
Child Abuse 4(D)
Family and Community Services
Family functioning 5(A) (B) (C)
Community involvement 5(D)
Nutrition over the life span 5(F) (H)
Food preparation and service 5(G)
Personal Care Services
Licensing and regulation 6(B)
Business skills and practices 6(C)
Media and advertising 6(D)
Emerging technologies and trends 6(A)


  • Sharon Boling
  • Janiece Lee
  • Cynthia Mareno
  • Wendy McCuiston
  • Terry Henson
  • Mary Kossie
  • Monica Lopez
  • Sharonda Williams
  • Heather Blount, Curriculum Specialist, Curriculum Center for FCS