Copyright © Notice: The materials are copyrighted © and trademarked as the property of The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences, Texas Tech University. Child Care Options Course: Child Guidance Grade Level: 10-12 Topic: Selecting child care TEKS Addressed: (1) The student demonstrates professional standards/employability skills as required by business and industry. The student is expected to: (E) develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. (3) The student analyzes child care options. The student is expected to: (A) compare child care options for children of various ages. (B) compare and contrast the financial considerations of child care options. (C) examine criteria for selecting quality child care. (D) review minimum standards for licensing and regulations for center-based and home-based programs. (10) The student makes informed career decisions that reflect personal, family, and career goals. The student is expected to: (D) exhibit employability skills such as communication, problem solving, leadership, teamwork, ethics, and technical skills. (E) demonstrate effective verbal, nonverbal, written, and electronic communication skills. (F) demonstrate skills and characteristics of leaders and effective team members. FCS National Standard Addressed: 15.2 Evaluate parenting practices that maximize human growth and development. 15.2.5 Apply criteria for selecting care and services for children and youth.
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