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Value of Education
College and Career Readiness
Grade Level:
Planning for college
TEKS Addressed:
(1) The student explores career assessments as related to college and career planning.
The student is expected to:
(E) research educational options and requirements using available resources.
(2) The student analyzes college and career opportunities. The student is expected to:
(C) develop an awareness of financial aid, scholarships, and other sources of income
as well as college savings to support college and career advancement.
(D) discuss the impact of effective college and career planning.
(E) demonstrate decision-making skills related to school and community issues,
programs of study, and college and career planning.
(F) identify how performance on assessments, such as the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®,
ACT®, ASVAB®, and Texas Success Initiative (TSI®), impact personal academic
and career goals.
(3) The student evaluates skills for personal success. The student is expected to:
(B) use problem-solving models and critical-thinking skills to make informed decisions.
National FCS Standard Addressed:
1.2.1 Analyze potential career choices to determine the knowledge, skills, and attitudes
associated with each career.
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