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Financial Scorecard
Dollars and Sense
Grade Level:
Time value of money
TEKS Addressed:
(3) The student demonstrates management of financial resources to meet the goals of
individuals and families across the life span. The student is expected to:
(C) connect mathematics to the understanding of interest, including avoiding and
eliminating credit card debt.
(D) collect evidence and data related to implementing a savings program, the time
value of money, and retirement planning.
(L) demonstrate the ability to use calculators, spreadsheets, computers, and software
in data analysis relating to finance.
National FCS Standard Addressed:
2.6.2 Apply management principles to individual and family financial practices.
National Standard in Personal Finance Education Addressed:
Financial Decision Making
Standard 4: Make financial decisions by systematically considering alternatives
and consequences.
Key Word Instructional Strategies
Core Course Correlation
Objective: The student will view Internet video lessons on
finance related to the time value of money.
Note to teacher:
The time value of money is a key concept in financial literacy.
The extent to which students need to understand this concept
varies. The teaching strategies in this section will help students
attain a basic understanding. If an understanding of the
underlying mathematics is required or desired, there are
lessons available on the Khan Academy site The teaching aid Khan Academy:
Time Value of Money provides a brief summary and links to
the applicable lessons.
Khan Academy
Khan Academy:
Time Value of
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