AAFCS Pre-PAC Correlation - Family and Community Services

Family and Community Services

Outline of Course TEKS
Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
Leadership 3 (B-C)
Communication 1 (A)
Interpersonal skills 1 (B); 3 (A, D-E)
Ethical practices 1 (D)
Presentation skills 1 (A, E); 4 (H)
Careers in Family Service
FREE! - Future trends 2 (A, D)
Employment and entrepreneurial opportunities 2 (B, D)
Volunteer service and careers in family services, organizations, faith-based agencies 2 (A)
Employability Sklls
Grooming and personal appearance 1; 4 (F)
Interests, abilities, and skills 1 (E)
Management practices 1 (C, E); 3 (A)
Meaningful and Relevant Service
Socialization 2 (E)
Planning and implementing significant service learning 1 (A-B); 2 (C); 3 (D-G); 4 (A-D, F-G)
Safety during community and service-learning activities 3 (D)
Reflection 4 (E)


  • Patti Rambo, former Director, The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Derrick Pedersen, IT Specialist, The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Altah Swindle, Editor