Copyright © Notice: The materials are copyrighted © and trademarked as the property of The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences, Texas Tech University Food Chemistry Course: Food Science Grade Level: 11-12 Topic: Enzymes TEKS Addressed: (9) The student analyzes the functions of enzymes in food science. The student is expected to: (A) describe the role of enzymes as catalysts in chemical reactions of food. (B) explain the relationship between an enzyme and a substrate. (C) analyze the functions of enzymes in digestion, including the factors that influence enzyme activity. (D) analyze enzyme reactions in food preparation. National Standard Addressed: 9.3.3 Apply principles of food production to maximize nutrient retention in prepared foods. Key Word Instructional Strategies Materials Links Core Course Correlation enzyme terms 1) VISUAL Objective: The student will use available computer software to create a visual illustrating an enzyme vocabulary term. Show the PowerPoint slide Enzyme Vocabulary. Assign or have students choose one of the vocabulary terms. Instruct students to use available computer software or technology to create a visual explaining the assigned term. Have students present their visuals to the class. Have students work through the interactive Internet activity Enzyme Vocabulary Matching Game nzymeVocab/EnzymeVocab.html as reinforcement of vocabulary. Enzyme Vocabulary Enzyme Vocabulary Matching Game
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