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Three to Five Years
Human Growth and Development
Grade Level:
Developmentally appropriate guidance techniques for three to five years
TEKS Addressed:
(5) The student understands the development of children ages three through five years.
The student is expected to:
(F) determine developmentally appropriate guidance techniques for preschoolers.
National Standard Addressed:
4.5.1 Apply developmentally appropriate guidelines for behavior.
Key Word Instructional Strategies
Core Course Correlation
The student will research appropriate guidance
techniques for a specific age group and present the
information to the class.
Explain to students that guidance includes all of an adult’s
actions and words that are used to influence a child’s
behavior. The guidance parents use should be appropriate for
the child and should be consistent with principles of growth.
Show and discuss the PowerPoint slides Guiding Children’s
Divide the class into three groups. Instruct each group to use
the Internet and classroom resources to research appropriate
guidance techniques for one of the age groups below:

Three years

Four years

Five years
Have each group use butcher paper to cut out a life size
silhouette of a child in the age group they researched.
(Students will have to research the average size for a child in
the age group.) Instruct them to record the appropriate
guidance techniques on the silhouette and give a brief
presentation to the class. Encourage the students to be
creative in developing the silhouettes. Display the silhouettes
around the classroom for future reference.
Guiding Children’s
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