Copyright © Notice: The materials are copyrighted © and trademarked as the property of The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences, Texas Tech University. Procedures in a Professional Food Setting Course: Introduction to Culinary Arts Grade Level: 9 - 10 Topic: Mise en place TEKS Addressed: (15) The student evaluates and determines equipment, ingredients, and procedures in a professional food setting. The student is expected to: (A) identify the role of mise en place. FCS National Standard Addressed: 8.3.6 Identify a variety of types of equipment for food processing, cooking, holding, storing, and serving, including hand tools and small ware. Key Word Instructional Strategies Materials Links Core Course Correlation mise en place 1) LABORATORY EXPERIENCE/DEMONSTRATION Objective: The student will identify the role of mise en place in the professional kitchen. Explain to students that in order for work in the professional kitchen to be efficient and a food business to thrive mise en place must be utilized by the chefs and employees. Mise en place is a French term meaning to put in place. Show the PowerPoint slides Mise en Place. Lead a discussion with students about the importance of mise en place to the efficiency of the professional kitchen. Questions for Discussion: Why should reading of the recipe be one of the first tasks of a cook or chef? How does mise en place help to save time? How does mise en place help to save energy? What is meant by dovetailing work? Mise en Place
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