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Pathway to a Career
Investigating Careers
Grade Level:
Pathways and career requirements
TEKS Addressed:
(1) The student investigates one or more careers within the 16 career clusters. The student
is expected to:
(B) identify the pathways within one or more career clusters.
(2) The student investigates career pathways in one or more of the 16 career clusters. The
student is expected to:
(A) research the academic requirements for one or more of the careers in an identified
(B) research the certification or educational requirements for careers.
(C) describe the technical-skill requirements for careers.
National FCS Standards Addressed:
3.1; 4.1; 5.1; 7.1; 8.1; 9.1; 10.1; 11.1; 16.1
Analyze career paths within consumer service industries; early childhood, education &
related services; facilities management and maintenance areas; family and community
services; food production and food services industries; food science, food technology,
dietetics, and nutrition industries; hospitality, tourism and recreation industries; housing,
interior design, and furnishings industries; and textile apparel and design industries.
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