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Education and Training Career Investigation
Principles of Education and Training
Grade Level:
Transferable skills needed in education and training
TEKS Addressed:
(1) The student demonstrates professional standards/employability skills as required by business
and industry. The student is expected to:
(D) exhibit teamwork skills.
(G) acquire conflict management skills.
(H) develop leadership skills.
(I) demonstrate professionalism.
(2) The student explores education and training careers by such means as shadowing, interviewing,
career interest inventory, researching, and/or self-reflection. The student is expected to:
(B) analyze transferable skills among a variety of careers within the Education and Training
Career Cluster.
(E) analyze assessment results such as an interest and ability inventory as relative to those
necessary for success in education and training.
National FCS Standards Addressed:
1.2.1 Analyze potential career choices to determine the knowledge, skills, and attitudes
associated with each career.
1.2.3 Apply communication skills in school, community, and workplace settings.
1.2.4 Demonstrate teamwork skills in school, community, and workplace settings.
1.2.6 Demonstrate leadership skills and abilities in school, workplace, and community settings.
Key Word Instructional Strategies
Core Course Correlation
Objective: The student will identify transferable skills among a
variety of careers in education and training.
Distribute and review with students the teaching aid
Transferable Skills. Have students complete the activity, and
lead students to discuss their findings.
Transferable Skills
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