Copyright © Notice: The materials are copyrighted © and trademarked as the property of The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences, Texas Tech University Consumer Services Course: Principles of Human Services Grade Level: 9-12 Topic: Impact of technology on consumers TEKS Addressed: (3) The student demonstrates the skills necessary to enhance personal and career effectiveness in consumer services. The student is expected to: (B) use technology to manage resources. FCS National Standard Addressed: 1.1.2 Analyze the effects of social, economic, and technological changes on work and family dynamics. Key Word Instructional Strategies Materials Links Core Course Correlation technology and financial management 1) SURVEY/INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY Objective: The student will develop and conduct a survey to determine how technology is used in financial management. Have students develop and conduct a survey to determine how technology is used in financial management processes. Assist students as needed in developing questions for the survey and the form on which to record responses. Divide the class into small groups of two to three. Assign each group a person to contact and survey. Surveys can be conducted over the phone, by e-mail, fax, or in person. Have students contact individuals, such as a banker, a loan officer, a financial planner, a stock broker, a local business owner, a credit union representative, a career and technology teacher, an office manager, a farmer, a florist, or other individuals using technology for financial management. Have students compile and summarize survey results.
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