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Each course curriculum follows the same format.

Teacher materials are…

  • Based on objectives of both the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the National Standards for FCS.
  • Organized so you can start from Unit 1 and move through to the end of the course.
  • Labeled for the national and Texas standards; Pre-PAC correlation; FCCLA and TAFE correlation; type of activity; topic and key word; correlation to language arts, math, science, and social studies; additional free resources; and additional resources available from The Curriculum Center for a fee.
  • Hyperlinked to PowerPoints, teaching aids, and Internet sites needed for the strategy.
  • Formatted consistently for ease of use.
  • iPhone compatible – Same benefits apply to Netbooks and other mobile Web devices.
  • Searchable so you can locate strategies by TEKS or key words.
  • Printable to facilitate teacher planning and organization.

Student materials are…

  • Printable for the teaching aids and PowerPoints.
  • Accessible forms so they can complete the teaching aids electronically or by hand.

Explanation of Content:

Explanation of Content