Parenting for School-Aged Parents

Outline of Course TEKS
Parenthood and Adult Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities of Parents 2(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(G)
Commitments and Decisions 2(H)(I)
Personal Development
Strengths, Abilities and Self-Awareness 1(A)(B)
Development of Self-Direction and Independent Adulthood 1(C)(D)(E)
Healthy Relationships 1(F)(G)(H)
Communication and Conflict Resolution 7(E)
Human Reproductive System
Reproductive System 3(A)(B)
Pregnancy Prevention and Disease Prevention 1(I)(J)
General Nutrition Concepts 3(K);4(E)(F)
Maternal Nutrition 3(K)
Nutrition of the Child (Infant through Preschool) 4(E)(F)(G)
Prenatal, Neonatal, and Postnatal Care and Development
Maternal Care 3(D)(G)(J)(K)
Prenatal Care and Development 3(C)(E)(F)(H)(I)
Growth and Development of the Child (One Year Old to Preschool)
Theories 5(B)
FREE! - Growth and Development in the First Year 5(A)(C)(D)(F)
Growth and Development from Age One through Preschool 5(C)(D)(F)
Health and Wellness of Children
Health and Wellness Practices 4(B)(D)
Childhood Illnesses 4(A)(H)
Parenting and Caregiving Practices 5(E)(H);6(D)(E)
Guidance 4(I);6(A)(B)(C)
Children with Special Needs and Ablilities 7(D)
Child Safety 4(C);5(G)
Abuse 6(F)(G)
Family Crisis 7(A)(B)(C)
Rights of Children 8(D)
Child Care
Child Care 8(A)(B)(C)
Family Financial Resources
Resource Management 9(A)(B)(G)(H)(I)
Budgeting to Reach Goals 9(C)(D)(E)(F)
Career Preparation
Get and Keep a Job 10(A)
Professional Behavior 10(B)(C)(D)


  • Cari Collins, Curriculum Specialist, Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Kuhrt Cowan, IT Specialist, Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Arlene Spearman, Associate Director, Curriculum Center for FCS
  • Patti Rambo, Director, Curriculum Center for FCS